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haha thanks so much. Say! Hi!! Hey!Say!JUMP(ヘイセイジャンプ)配信曲一覧 / 新曲・発売日順 | お得に楽曲ダウンロード!音楽配信サイト「着信★うた♪」 ;_; I'm new to HSJ I really want to know more about them, watching makings is a good way but my Japanese is pretty bad so I need more subs...please help? JUMPのアーティストページです。シングル、アルバム、ハイレゾ、動画などをパソコンやスマホからダウンロードできます。無料で試聴も可能。オリコンミュージックストアでダウンロードした曲は、PC、スマホ、iPod、ウォークマンなど様々な環境で楽しめます! [Download] Hey! with their PVs and Makings! Hi, thank you for these! ^^, Shadow Boy is one of my favorites!! ^______^ ありがとう! <3, Some of them aren't but I retimed them so if you need them just email me ^_^. Thank you but can you re-upload them to mediafire? Can I ask you where and how you buy that? Hey! me&my mom r so grateful to u, I'm glad the two of you can bond with JUMP <3 <3, Hi Brenda..I just wanna say thank you so much for all your post..you are so amazing..thank you for sharing all of this..and actually to be honest I fall in love with JUMP thanks to you..because I first knew about JUMP through Yamada's drama perfect son and I really love Super Delicate..and when I was wandering and getting lost while searching for their PV, I found your blog and there is SD + making with ENG SUB! But I can't download Hey say PV& Making raw, the download bug every time :/. Reply. hii,the COAMH PV and the subs are not match,i mean the time is wrong.. is it just me? ©Copyright2020 MP3フリーク.All Rights Reserved. arigatou~. Thank you for this list! I'll link it up in the post~ ^_^, Thank you so much for posting these! You're welcome!! I haven't checked if anyone uploaded subs already but i'll look and if they have i'll link them to this post ;). Do you know what wrong with them?I really like hey say jump and I will be happy if you let me download them all ^^thanksArin, Hello!! Say! Please? I'm glad you can download them too~. and also, what problems are you having with the jumping carnival concert? thank you for the video ~, I can't view the softsubs in PVs and Making, help~!I have turned on the subs options in Windows Media Player, but the subs won't come out QAQ, If you reply with an email I can help you with the subs ^_^, I can not download the soft sub although i have joined the live journal. >.<, Same here! Somebody help me please. Hi, the 10-jump comm has stop updating/accepting. JUMP PV & Making HQ English Subs. You are my savior!Bcs its hard to find HSJ video, I'm so happy you share this! JUMP「Chau#」着信音フルダウンロード無料. Hello!! i love your blog and you're so kind ;_; Sorry, but right now a lot of my links are down :( It will take me some time to fix all of them ^_^. Hi! Weekender got his one too. :D, is it just me or your video's size is smaller than before? asu no e yell pv making with english subbed http://10-jump.livejournal.com/11871.html, Thanks for letting us know! excuse me .. i want to ask .. how to be a member ? Delete. Thank you for letting me know ^_^, Hi nce to meet youI am going to download your link but it can't be opened. You can download them to your computer, if you need to use HJSplit to join them together ^_^. lol so this helps wonders!! They really are adorkable aren't they! Hi! As a new fans its been hard for me T.T but bcs your blog, I can watch HSJ in my laptop happyly~Thank you ^^Btw, I dont know how and where to buy HSJ album. 29; 30; 31 » 2020.08; Hey! album has been added to my blog <3. Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」mp3フルのダウンロードを無料&安全に!, Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のmp3をダウンロードしてフル視聴できるだけじゃない!, Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のmp3を無料かつ安全にダウンロードしよう!!, 松本 梨香/大谷 育江「ゲッタバンバン -サトシ with ピカチュウ ver.-」mp3フルのダウンロードを無料&安全に!, CHAGE&ASKA「LOVE SONG」mp3フルのダウンロードを無料&安全に!, TrySail「High Free Spirits」mp3フルのダウンロードを無料&安全に!, 雪音クリス(CV:高垣彩陽)「Bye-Bye Lullaby」mp3フルのダウンロードを無料&安全に!.

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